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Simplify booking airfare for business, group, and team travel

Defined by exceptional service

..It's like having an "inside man" familiar with the inner workings of airlines, ready to remove all the hassle from coordinating flights for large groups of people.

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The booking services you never knew existed

The Air Travel Group books airfare for parties of 10 or more traveling together and provide custom travel solutions for organizations that need help coordinating flights. We deliver free quotes to coaches, parents, student groups, mission trips, travel agencies, tour operators, operations managers, business admins and more.

We book with nearly every carrier around the globe. Travel everywhere with the best group rates available.

Finally, a travel management company with big resources that functions like a small business.

While we've booked millions of dollars in airfare, we haven't forgotten what's behind our success. Our growth is solely attributed to our commitment to personalized service. When you utilize our services, you automatically are paired with your own designated agent. The best partnerships are built on sound relationships.

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Key Benefits & Advantages


We have spent years building successful relationships and familiarity with airlines. We know their policies, where there flights go, and know exactly who to call to get the answers we need.

Highly Specialized

Setting up group airfare contracts is our specialty. As a high-volume booking agency we have access to preferred rates, unpublished airfare, and other special perks that we pass on to our clients.


Reserve seats in advance with a small deposit, pay in full later. Reduce the amount of seats you need, while maintaining the same rate per seat. Specify precise travelers just a few weeks before your trip.

Dedicated Account Team

We believing in delivering high quality service. To us, our flyers are not just Trip IDs or Confirmation numbers. We put a human being behind each trip, not just an automated system.

Commercial and Charter

We interface with all major airlines both commercial and charter.


As a collective, we have over a 100 years of combined travel and tourism experience.

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What type of travel arrangements do you need?

Business Travel

We provide meeting planners and businesses with specialized resources and services to manage their travel needs.

Group Airfare

We work closely with tour operators to manage large group travel for student groups, mission trips, and more.

Team Travel

We understand the challenges of getting your players to the big game.