Caitlin Busscher

Caitlin Busscher

Posted on May 30, 2019

Most travel agents or small tour operators don’t have the time, let alone the dollars, to manage multiple marketing platforms. But knowing which platforms are best for your business (and how to use them) can be a key factor to driving business. And the good news is, it doesn’t have to cost anything!

If you are a tour operator and you aren’t using at least one of these underutilized marketing platforms, then it might be time to step up your game and see your traffic really pick up.


Chances are, you’ve already realized that having a company blog is essential to ranking on Google and getting visitors to your site. But are you getting the full benefit from all the work you are doing writing SEO-driven content?

If you aren’t active on Pinterest, you should create an account immediately. Pinterest is one of the leading visual search engines and a great place to get customers in the beginning stages of the sales cycle.

Create visually appealing pins for each blog post using Canva. Install the Pinterest app on your blog and make sure to provide a CTA for readers to “pin for later!”  Pin all of your blogs to your own business Pinterest page as well.

Bloggers insist Pinterest is one of their greatest drivers of traffic, if done right. Check out these resources here and here.


Quora is a popular question and answer forum that can help you stand out as an industry expert.

Follow topics that relate to your business and take at least a morning each week to answer traveler questions. No need to hard sell your services—just interact in the community to gain trust and authority.

Other users may follow you if you have posted enough content or answered enough questions. If one of your answers goes viral, it can reach thousands of people in the Quora weekly roundup (like one of mine did on traveling to South Africa –and it continues to get over 300 views every week).

Plus, sometimes you can take a thorough Quora answer and turn it into an awesome blog post…which you can then post to Pinterest.


Ok, this one might seem a little obvious, but I am always surprised by how many tour operators do not have a presence on Instagram.

Skift recently posted a study showing that family trip destinations are increasingly influenced by Generation Z. Marketing tactics need to match these consumer behaviors.

Younger demographics prefer visual content. Instagram is a visual search engine, and if you work in the travel industry, it is one of the easiest ways cultivate future customers. (If you want to stay relevant, that is.) Desert to Sea, a luxury travel brand, does an amazing job getting eyeballs on her services.

Need help getting started? Check out this Instagram marketing guide.


From Instagram @deserttosea



If you provide any kind of B2B travel services, you should be on LinkedIn. I consider it the Facebook of professionals and it’s surprisingly effective.

Like any other social platform, LinkedIn is about engaging with other community members in your niche and providing helpful content for your would-be customers.

Marketing can be an overwhelming process when you have itineraries to plan and tours to operate, but it is an essential component for a successful company. Chances are, you are already creating content—so why not share it effectively using one of these platforms?

Let us know if you think I missed any other underutilized marketing platforms—or if you tried any of these tips yourself!