My family member and/or myself were booked to travel on group flights that were cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Who do I contact to use the current ticket credit(s) that we have to use?

You will need to contact our Rebooking Department at They work Monday to Thursday from 10am-3pm and Friday from 10am-2pm EST, excluding public holidays.

Can I speak with someone on the phone regarding my booking and questions that I have?

Due to the extremely high volume of new tickets our Rebooking Team are having to process, they are able to deal with travel requests by email only. Please include your group name in the subject line along with the traveler details, desired flight schedule and any questions you may have in the email and they will respond directly to you by email.

I want to work with the airline rather than your agency, why am I unable to do that?

As the original ticketing travel agency for your group flights, all airlines require us, “The Air Travel Group”, to manage the rebooking and ticket reissues of all travelers affected by cancellations due to Covid-19. We hold all details on file in our system and are responsible for processing these ticket credits according to the rules and guidelines imposed by the relevant airline that you were due to travel on.

My family member and/or myself have no plans to travel any time soon. Can I get a refund instead of a ticket credit?

No refunds are permitted as group airfare contracts are specially-negotiated fares, they are nonrefundable once the tickets are issued.

What about the Department of Transportation ruling – didn’t this say that all airlines have to provide refunds of tickets back to their travelers that had to cancel because of Covid-19?

This ruling only applies in the case where the airline initiated the cancellation of the flight and had no suitable alternative options to offer their affected travelers. As your tour operator, trip planner, band director, school board/principal or group leader made the decision to cancel your intended flights prior to the airline themselves cancelling these services (where applicable), the airline is not obligated to provide a cash refund, instead they issued ticket credits for future use.

Can I use my ticket credit for someone else instead of myself?

No, all ticket credits are open for use by the original ticketed traveler only. No name changes are permitted.

If the new travel itinerary that I wish to take is cheaper than my ticket credit, can I use the difference to pay for another person as well or put it towards another flight for myself?

No, the ticket credits are valid for a one-time exchange only. If you select an itinerary that costs less than your ticket credit, you will forfeit any remaining balance due to the nonrefundable nature of the original ticket that was issued.

My new itinerary that I wish to book costs more than my ticket credit. Can I book this and pay the additional charges to your agency?

Unfortunately, we are not able to collect any extra payments from travelers planning to use their cancelled group ticket credits. You will need to select an itinerary that does not exceed the ticket credit value you have to use.

How long do I have to use my ticket credit? When can I travel by?

Please email our Rebooking Department with your group details and questions and they will respond to you and let you know the specific details relating to your group’s ticket credits as each group is different.

My group was due to travel on one airline. Can I use my ticket credit on a different airline instead?

No, the ticket credit is only valid for the airline that you were originally ticketed to travel on.

Can you book additional family members?

Yes; however, we charge a $35.00 service fee per person and will need a credit card at time of booking.

Can we upgrade our flights to first or business or economy plus?

Once you rebook using your credit (cabin to cabin only) and we reissue your ticket, you may contact the airline directly about upgrades and special seat assignments.

After we rebook with ATG, and we want to make a change do we email you?

In most cases, you will contact the airline directly to make any changes.