Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use ATG?

For group and team travel, there is no cost to use our service. We have top account status with many of the major carriers, allowing us better terms on our contracts. For our business and meeting travel clients, we have a single $35 ticketing fee, regardless of how many times a traveler calls and changes.

What exactly is a group travel?

Group travel is a blanket term. Mission trips, musical tour groups, student organizations, family reunions, even businesses and teams can fly under a group contract. For businesses and sports teams we provide additional services especially tailored for their unique needs.

How long are quotes good for?

Our quotes are usually good for two weeks. If your desired travel dates are sooner, quotes may only last for a few days.

We found cheaper rates on a booking you guarantee the lowest price?

The cost of airfare is constantly changing. It may be possible that you go on an online booking engine and find one or two seats at a lower fare. However, once that ticket is booked, the next block of tickets often jump 25-40%.

When you book with the ATG, we hold the space in blocks and average the fares, allowing everyone to pay one low price. We also allow our travelers to reserve their seat with just a $50 deposit, which is often 100% refundable.

What if we have a few people in our party that need different flight times or dates?

We can help with flight deviations as long as we know at the time of booking. Each airline handles deviations a little differently, you’ll need to contact us directly as we treat each deviation on a case by case basis.

What happens if I need to reduce seats or cancel my trip?

Group contracts are unique based on the airlines policies and how far in advance your trip is booked.

Your contract may include a cancellation date and a utilization date. If you cancel your trip prior to the cancellation date 100% of your deposit is refunded. You can reduce the amount of seats above the minimum requirement (10 seats), before the utilization date without penalty. After the utilization date, a penalty fee will be charged for every seat below the minimum.