Kenny Totten

Kenny Totten

Posted on August 15, 2017

Are you a business owner who’s employees travel internationally for meetings, incentive trips, and special events? Chances are, the travel agency you use to book your company’s airfare is costing you thousands of dollars.


The travel industry is riddled with giant players with impressive client lists and booking numbers but lackluster service.

As Travel Management Companies (TMCs) took on more accounts and booked more flights, they had to hire more people and purchase smaller shops. Many of the large travel companies have a workforce that is either a collection of remote agents or are outsourced to a giant call center (both are problematic for a number of reasons, but that’s for another day).

We know this, because we hired their employees, in the process, learning how ‘not to set up’ a travel agency.

In the age of online booking tools like Concur, the modern travel agency is all about one thing:

How fast can you process a ticket?

The modern travel agency spends little time getting to know the needs of their clients. They spend even less time investigating how to best structure a travel program for a client.


(Due to privacy concerns, we changed the name of the company we serviced.)

K360 runs an incentive trip to Paris for their top sales managers. In the past, they’ve used their trusted travel agency. The process of booking the tickets was rather simple. K360 gives the agency a list of winners and their travel details, the agency books published rates for the respective winners as quickly as they can.

Little thought is given to the fundamental question, “am I doing what is it the client’s best interest?”

We recently got the chance to take over K360’s airfare portion of their incentive trip. Last year’s average ticket cost to Paris was $1,596.

This year, we got it down to $1,015.

We saved over $500 per seat on average, with the total savings being $46,480. 

Due to our volumes and relationship with the airlines, we receive special access to private, unpublished international fares.

Our agents are trained to tirelessly search for the lowest fares and do what is in the client’s best interest.

If your business is engaging in international travel and your agency is booking published rates, you are throwing tens of thousands of dollars down the drain per trip.

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